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Another Happy Motor Yacht Customer.

An End Users Perspective on using Mineral Pro Ultra Filters on Luxury Yachts As the Senior Chief Engineer of luxury motor yachts, the author of this letter of recommendation, Jason Burden highly recommends the use of Mineral Pro Ultra Filtration units on every yacht. These units not only filter the water but also re-mineralize it, […]

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Mineral Pro Technology for a Zero footprint Rainwater Home System

orahomes recently sent us the following message about a project we have been helping them with. MineralPro and the Azehna Project – using rainwater for a house’s water needs. As we near completion on the @azehnaproject, just installed the core Rainwater collection components, filtration, UV disinfection, and pump/tank last weekend. Really happy with how it turned out […]

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Get the lead out!

Children and pregnant women are at the highest risk from  lead exposure. Lead can cause premature births, reduce birth weight, delay physical and mental development in babies and young children, and can have an effect on learning abilities. In adults a build up of lead in the body can cause kidney damage, anemia and damage […]

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Making Your Tap Water Safe to Drink

What is in Your Tap Water? Depending on where your drinking water comes from, it may contain many different contaminants; some we may know about some we may not know about. In today’s world we use so many different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. These contaminants end up in our groundwater, rivers, lakes and wells […]

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MineralPro Whole House Cartridge Filtration System

Whole House Cartridge System Mineral Pro’s Whole House Cartridge System is a Point Of Entry ( POE) system, which means it is typically installed on the main water line inside your house and upstream of any outlets. This system is designed for two purposes, first is for sediment removal, second is for reduction of Chlorine […]

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Mineral Alkaline Water

The Best Tasting and Healthiest Water There is much debate over what is the best water for drinking and cooking. Many say tap water is good enough – looks clean and the price is right. Others say bottled water is best, some prefer distilled water, some like mineral alkaline water, what can you believe? The reality is […]

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An Introduction to the MineralPro Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis Filters – A sure path to great drinking water! The principals of reverse osmosis have been known and understood for hundreds of years, yet many of us are unaware what they are and how filters based on this technology work. Recent advances in materials ensure that RO filters can cost effectively be used even […]

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