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Do I need a Water Filter?

Is My TapWater Safe to Drink? People often say – “it comes out of my tap clear and it tastes ok so why do I need a filter?” Most contaminants found in our drinking water have no taste and do not add any color to the water so how do you really know it is […]

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Get the lead out!

Children and pregnant women are at the highest risk from  lead exposure. Lead can cause premature births, reduce birth weight, delay physical and mental development in babies and young children, and can have an effect on learning abilities. In adults a build up of lead in the body can cause kidney damage, anemia and damage […]

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What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Drinking Water Contains More Than H2O A customer sent us this photo of his house pre-filter a while ago, obviously very concerned to know what the horrible white scum was showing up in his filter. He lives on the west coast of BC and sent the photo in October, prime time for salmon spawning …  […]

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Get a Bottlefree Water Cooler

Bottlefree Water Coolers VS. Bottle Coolers The old style, office water cooler has been around for decades, most people don’t even give them much thought when they take a glass full of water! But when you tell people there is a better way, their ears usually perk up! Think Bottle Free Water coolers that purify […]

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Washing and Cooking Organic Fruit and Veggies in Tap Water

Organic Veggies but what about the water Do you spend the extra money to buy healthy organic fruit and vegetables for your family’s health and  normally wash these in tap water? If so you are cheating yourself of the full benefit of buying expensive healthy vegetables. Washing and Cooking in Healthy Water I find it very surprising […]

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Bottled Water Vs. Home Filter System

Bottled Water is not Environmentally Friendly Where does your bottled water come from? Also if you are environmentally minded did you ever wonder how much of a carbon footprint does it have both in producing and transporting. Do you know how your bottled water is made, how safe is it, how fresh is it?  how much […]

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