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orahomes recently sent us the following message about a project we have been helping them with.

MineralPro and the Azehna Project – using rainwater for a house’s water needs.

As we near completion on the @azehnaproject, just installed the core Rainwater collection components, filtration, UV disinfection, and pump/tank last weekend. Really happy with how it turned out and very grateful for all the help from @mineralprowater with putting all the components together.

Azehna project

The design includes a 35,000 gal concrete cistern below the garage/shop where all rainwater from roof surfaces will be collected and used for 100% of the home’s water needs including potable (drinking) purposes, in keeping with the aims and requirements of the #livingbuildingchallenge certification. All the water to the house coming from the cistern is filtered through 3 stages of sediment and carbon filtration down to 1 micron then treated with UV disinfection to eliminate the need for noxious chlorine treatment to the water.

Water used for drinking purposes also passes through another round of more advanced filtration using a @mineralprowater “ultrafiltration” system that removes a vast array of heavy metals, Lead, Aluminum, chemicals, and cysts, down to 0.01 microns. What is super awesome about this filter (which will mount under the kitchen sink) is that it is almost the same efficacy as reverse osmosis yet has zero wastewater (vs some RO’s which can waste 4 gallons to make each gallon of drinking water), uses zero energy to filter, and also keeps all the natural minerals in the water.


The filter also has a final stage that boosts the natural minerals in the water, thereby elevating the pH producing mineral alkaline water, which is also damn incredible tasting water! Couldn’t say enough good things about these filter systems!! #healthywater #naturalmineralwater #mineralalkalinewater #livingbuildingchallenge2d

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Needless to say we are super pleased to have been able to assist the design of this unique projects drinking water solution and to supply our industry-leading Ultra Filtration System.