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Most Yachts, sailboats and commercial vessels have an onboard Desalination Water System. Desalination is a water filtration process that removes salts and other minerals from saltwater. The desalination process makes saline water potable for consumption and irrigation. Desalination systems are in use at beachfront hotels and resorts, residences, boats, and other commercial or industrial applications. The drawback to Desalinated water is while being very pure and clean most people do not like to drink it. Desalinated water has no minerals and it is the minerals that give water taste. The right balance of minerals results in great-tasting, healthy mineral alkaline water.

Mineral Pro has a great drinking water solution for vessel owners!

Using our Yacht Mineralization Water System not only re-mineralizes the drinking/cooking water but also removes smell, odour and bacteria from the holding tanks, plus the UF membrane removes contaminants down to .01 microns.

Desalinated water, while safe to drink has no minerals so is very acidic and low PH , typically 5.6PH. This results in water that tastes very dead and unpleasant. MineralPro’s unique cartridges ensure that the right balance of minerals is naturally absorbed into this acidic water, resulting in great drinking water.

The minerals contained are in the final stage which has special Carbon made from coconut husks, the purest form of natural carbon. Minerals are in their natural granular form and when the water flows through the cartridge the minerals are absorbed into the water just like water flowing down a mountain stream. The carbon block filter removes unwanted organic materials, some chemicals plus reduces smells and odours which develop in a holding tank over time.

The carbon in the last stage puts a final polish on the water giving it a very clean, fresh taste. The minerals added are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and trace elements.

Our Yachting Customers Love the Convenience of great-tasting mineralized water produced on demand.

Many yacht owners bring cases of bottled drinking water for the crew and guests as no one likes to drink or cook with desalinated water. Desalinated water makes the worst tea and coffee and your scotch and water will taste lousy without the minerals! Without the MineralPro Yachting water solution, vessel owners resort to buying countless cases of bottled water. This is expensive, plus storing these cases is also problematic as space is always at a premiere on vessels.

Mineral Pro has countless testimonials from yacht owners saying how they love not having to buy and store water and how their guests and crew have remarked how great tasting Mineral Pro water is. Most larger vessels install multiple units for crew and guests from the kitchen area, bar, guest quarters etc.

The UF system comes with a designer Chrome faucet and install kit, a really great John Guest shut-off valve and all required tubing. Changing filters is a breeze, you do not even have to turn the water off. The filter swings away from bottom of the cabinet at a 45 degree, simple take hold and turn a quarter turn to the left to remove, insert a new filter, push up and turn a quarter turn to the right to lock in, takes about 30 seconds! Each filter stage has built-in shutoffs so when the filter is removed no water comes out, never leaks!

Mineral Pros Yachting solution also adds an inline UV (Ultra-Violet) system to our UF systems. The UV kills all bacteria, viruses, E-Coli etc. Water stored in a tank typically in a warm climate is a breeding ground for bacteria. Tanks should de be drained and sanitized frequently but many aren’t. Using our UF and inline UV solution not only provides great-tasting water without needing to store bottles, but it prevents your crew and guests from getting sick. Even better it provides unlimited inexpensive great-tasting water that everyone can enjoy.

Yacht Mineral Water System Contents include:

1 – 700-003 UF System with Chrome Faucet
1 – 700-108 1 year UF Filter Replacement ( should be changed every 12 months average use)
1 – 100-2003 Inline UV Filter Kit
1 – 1006 Replacement Inline UV Lamp ( should be changed every 12 months)

Package Price: $899.99 USD

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