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MineralPRO is a manufacturer of water filtration products with dealers and customers all around the world. At heart, we remain a family run business with over 100 years of experience in water treatment. Like any company with such a long history of providing successful solutions we take great pride in the quality and integrity of our products, and the personal service we provide to our customers.

We manufacture our products with strict attention to quality control.  We value our customers and hope you enjoy your new Reverse Osmosis, Ultra filtration or other water filtration system.  If you have any questions with installation, any concerns, or wish to share your feedback with us, do not hesitate to either call or email us.  We have built our company on the reputation of our products and the word of mouth referrals of customers. We love to hear about your enjoyment of our products and benefits you feel they bring to you and your family. We are always looking to improve, so let us know how we could have done better too!

If you enjoy the water and the filter system consider talking to your friends and family about our systems, and to consider liking us on Facebook and leaving us feedback there. If you know someone who would benefit from access to Healthy mineral water, please refer them to us by filling out this form. If they become a customer, you can earn a $50 credit on your next order.

Positive impact on the environment

Customers of MineralPro products are not only enjoying and benefiting from the best drinking water on earth; they are drastically reducing our dependence on plastic bottles. Plastic water jugs and bottles are NOT biodegradable and eventually end up in landfills when they deteriorate over long periods of time and add harmful chemicals back into the food chain and water supply.

Furthermore, because trucks are not needed to haul around tonnes of water bottles there is a significant reduction in air pollution, roadway congestion, and fuel burned for bottled water deliveries.

  • Two million plastic beverage bottles are used in North America every five minutes
  • 3,500,000 tons of wasted plastic every year.
  • Plastic bottles leach harmful toxins including BPA both into the water they contain and into the environment after they are disposed of.
  • 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce the plastic bottles used annually in North America (plus an additional 18 million barrels of oil for transport

Our customers are creating a positive impact on the environment by reducing their environmental footprint!

Giving back to the community

MineralPRO™ is continually working on projects to provide clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and farming in communities that do not have access to clean, safe water.

Our Founder and CEO Steve Leggett has been involved with various international projects providing clean, safe drinking water for underprivileged communities, families, hospitals and schools.

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