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MineralPRO™ is a leading supplier of high-quality water purification filters that mineralize and provide alkaline drinking water for both home and commercial use. Our customers enjoy the health benefits of drinking water that is free from contaminants, is Alkaline  and contains the right balance of minerals your body needs to be healthy.

Unique Water Filtration Systems that Provide Mineral Rich Alkaline Drinking Water

MineralPro’s water purification filters are the result of years of research into water quality issues and the results of a search to fuse the best filtration technology available with mineral and alkaline boosting technologies to produce the most natural tasting and healthiest water possible.

Water that contains the right nutrients for your body to be healthy

The results are remarkable! Our customers enjoy the best tasting, healthiest water available. Our industry leading reverse osmosis filtration technology removes harmful chemicals and pathogens from your domestic water supply making sure that you and your family are enjoying safe chemical free water at all times. Our proprietary Mineral Boosting technology makes sure it is as nature intended it, full of life-supporting minerals and pH balanced.

Drinking Healthy Water

Typical municipal water often contains chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), chemicals, bacteria and more


into your water and diet:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Trace Minerals
  • Antioxidative ions
  • pH balanced


from your water and diet:

  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals


Water that contains natural minerals and alkaline pH is associated with lower mortality from heart disease and cancer, and overall good health. Studies in both the USA and Great Britain have shown that municipalities with lower mineral content in their water supplies had significantly higher rates of cardiovascular and cancer related deaths.

Traditional distillation and reverse osmosis systems do excellent jobs purifying the water, but filter out all the trace minerals that are naturally found in good quality drinking water.

MineralPRO™ Drinking Water Systems add the natural minerals back into the water exactly the same way nature does. We use naturally occurring and organic minerals that consist of mainly calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium and have a natural self-limiting property to correct the pH precisely enough to reach the correct level of alkalinity and mineral content for good health.

The New Model's Added Features and Benefits

New 700 Series Reverse Osmosis System

The Ultimate Water Filtration System

  • NEW Eco-Friendly RO Membrane – Uses less water
  • Longer Filter Life
  • NEW Mineral Filter with added beneficial minerals
  • Higher PH Levels
  • Best tasting Mineral Alkaline Water
  • Easy Quick Change Filter replacements, don’t have to even turn water off to change
  • Designer Faucets included – Chrome or Brushed Nickel
New 700 Series Ultra Filtration Water System

Affordable Water Filtration

  • New Mineral Filter with added beneficial minerals
  • Higher PH Levels
  • Easy Quick Change Filter replacements, don’t have to even turn water off to change
  • Best tasting Mineral Alkaline Water
  • Designer Faucets included – Chrome or Brushed Nickel