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NEW! 700 SERIES Reverse Osmosis System


MineralPRO’s industry leading 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO)  Membrane is tested to provide the highest level of reduction of drinking water contaminants and balances the natural minerals to a healthy alkaline pH. Minerals balanced include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The final stage is comprised of carbon made from Coconut husks, the purest form of carbon, this puts a final polish on the water and ensures a fresh, crisp taste!

MineralPRO™ Reverse Osmosis System is the healthiest and best-tasting choice for those concerned with the unsafe quality and unpleasant taste of drinking water from tap sources and bottled water.

NEW! 700 SERIES Reverse Osmosis System

Product Description

MineralPro’s NEW 700 Series Reverse Osmosis Filter takes the industries best RO system and makes it even better! A new environmentally friendly RO filter cartridge cuts down on the water used thus reducing your environmental footprint and increasing filter life! An enhanced mineralisation cartridge adds more healthy minerals to your drinking water and provides for increased alkalinity!

MineralPRO™ Reverse Osmosis System is the healthiest and best-tasting choice for those concerned with the quality of their existing tap water and or experiencing an unpleasant taste when drinking water from the tap. Our RO system is easy to install, inexpensive to operate and the most environmentally friendly way to provide healthy alkaline balance drinking water for you and your family and friends. Our flagship Reverse Osmosis system is the solution for those who realise water is life, and drinking healthy water is a key to getting the most out of life.

MineralPRO’s industry leading 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane has been tested to reduce the highest level of drinking water contaminants and balances the natural minerals to a healthy alkaline pH. Minerals added as part of the balanced mix include: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The final stage is comprised of carbon made from Coconut husks, the purest form of carbon, this puts a final polish on the water and ensures a fresh, crisp taste!

MineralPRO™ Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems include a food-grade plastic storage tank and easy install kit. Various designer faucet options and styles are available.

MineralPRO™ Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems use the highest quality RO membrane technology which ensures the Reverse Osmosis water treatment has the highest contaminant reduction and your drinking water is pure and healthy.

Quick-change filter replacements—you don’t even need to turn off the water supply to the system, and there’s no waiting for the system to depressurize. Each individually contained filter just twists into place with a quarter-turn.


Operating Parameters

Operating Temperatures: Maximum 100°F (37.8°C) Minimum 40°F (4.4°C)
Operating Pressure: Maximum 100 psi (7.43 g/cm2) Minimum 40 psi (2.80 kg/cm2)

pH Parameters Maximum 11 Minimum 2
Iron: Maximum 0.2 ppm
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) <1800 ppm
Turbidity: <5NTU


Recommended hardness not to exceed 10 grains per gallon, or 170ppm. System will operate with hardness over 10 grains but the membrane life may be shortened. Addition of a water softener may lengthen the membrane life.

Product Dimensions

Width: 14 in
Height:  15 in
Depth: 4 in
Weight: 18 lbs

Filter Stages

Stage 1:   Pre-Sediment (12 months): reduces sediment, dirt, sand and turbidity.
Stage 2:   Pre-Carbon (12 months): reduces chlorine, organic chemicals, and fluoride.
Stage 3:   Reverse Osmosis Membrane (2-4 years): reduces TDS, hardness, heavy metals, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical drugs, nitrates, and more.
Stage 4:   Mineral / Alkaline Balancing (1 year): naturally re-balances the purified drinking water with healthy minerals to create a healthy alkaline pH.
Stage 5:   Natural Granular Carbon from Coconut Husks : Final polishing for great taste

Note : Filter life can vary based on usage and in-coming water quality


Quick-change filter replacements
Install kit included

In the Box

  • 5 stage Reverse Osmosis module (complete with filters and faucet)
  • Faucet Included (Chrome or Brushed Nickel available)
  • Install Parts Bag
  • 3 Gallon Water Storage tank
  • Instructions (manual)

Accessories (Sold Separately)

Faucets/ Ice Fridge kits / Bottle-less Cooler Kits / Sediment Pre-filter Kit / Inline UV Filter Kit

The operating pressure in your home should be tested over a 24 hour period to attain the maximum pressure. If it is above 100 psi then a pressure regulator will be required.

  • 5

    Deborah Bliss

    Steve, My husband and I want to thank you for creating these great filters. We have an RO water system which turned our drinking water acidic. We were not feeling well, and discovered that acidic water can cause ill health. We investigated many alkaline boosting filters for our RO, and found yours. We were thrilled to learn that you source NOTHING from China for use in your filters. I suffered heart and kidney failure years ago, and have to have monthly blood tests to track my health. Prior to using your filters my blood ph was acidic. After using your filters my blood became much less acidic, and my health improved significantly. Thank you for your wonderful filters,

  • 5

    Rocco and Cheryl

    Hi Steve, We are so happy with our Mineralpro water system. It has completely changed our lives for the better in every way .The water taste amazing and we feel that we are drinking a much more high quality water than the bottled water I was buying at the market for years. We not only use it for our drinking water, but also our coffee , tea and to clean our vegetables as well as to cook with. Thank you again so much for an outstanding product!!!

  • 5


    We have had the Mineral Pro for 2 plus years and really enjoy the quality of water it produces. We also cook with the R/O water. Also very easy to self-maintain when filters need to be changed. This system is one of the few R/O systems that comes with a mineral cartridge. Sincerely Karl K Tecumseh Ontario

  • 5


    MineralPro is an excellent company, and their RO machine produces delicious, healthy water at an affordable cost. I and my family & friends have been using their systems for 6+ years now, and we are all thoroughly impressed with the quality of our drinking water and the level of customer service we receive. For years I was on a municipal source of water and was, despite a healthy diet, having frequent stomach issues. At the time I was using a Pur filter that attaches directly to the spigot. After switching to MineralPro’s RO machine, my stomach issues disappeared immediately. I tested my tap water along with water from the Pur filter and water from the MineralPro RO. My tap water was 170ppm and pH 7.0. The Pur filter was doing very little to improve total dissolved solids and was actually decreasing pH to under 7.0! MineralPro RO system was consistently producing water around 15ppm and pH 7.5+. Remember that we want to be drinking alkaline water above 7.0, so theirs is great in terms of pH. Also, we do Not want to be drinking water at 0ppm, known as ‘hungry’ water, which can pull electrolytes from our cells. MineralPro’s re-mineralization process is perfect for this as well, and 15ppm is excellent. Steve at MineralPro is great. You can buy from him with confidence, knowing that he’s been in business for a long while and will be producing filters for your machine for many years to come. The same can’t be said if purchasing from corporate america / amazon etc. If your filter source disappears, your machine is worthless! And, finally, Steve re-invests in his company. We recently had an upgrade to our machines provided free of charge! We couldn’t be happier with the company and with the quality of our water. Cheers to all readers…/raises a glass of clean and delicious water!

  • Mineral Pro

    Thanks John, really appreciate the great review, love to hear our customers are enjoying our systems!

  • 5


    This is, by far, the best water filtration system I have ever used. No exaggeration! I’d used a different brand for years, but I try to keep up on what makes for healthy water, so I was looking for a reverse osmosis system. I checked out the ones offered by the company I already used, and they looked fine. I kept on looking (just to be a good shopper) and stumbled upon Mineral Pro. The design of the system was far superior to any of the others I found because of things like: designed to waste MUCH less water than any other I found, uses only high-quality parts, extremely easy to install. The customer service was the best in the business. I had called other companies with questions but only reached call-center-type places. They had pre-written answers to general questions, but they had no idea how their systems actually worked. I called Mineral pro, and they could answer anything. Seriously, ANYTHING. Shipping was fast and efficient, parts were top of the line, installation was a breeze. But the end of the story—the best part—is that the water is noticeably, unmistakably, guests-ask-for-more best tasting water I’ve ever had in my home. It is delicious. I bought the system for my family’s health, but the taste is what got my children to love it!

  • 5

    Steve & Genie Harris

    My wife and I purchased the Mineral Pro Reverse Osmosis System with additional alkalinizer unit , Whole House UV Filtration System and Water Softening System from Mineral Pro in October 2014. We live in North Central Florida and have a well and septic system. Our well draws from one of the best spring aquifers in the area but when you have occasional flooding you never know what contaminates might get in your well and then into your drinking water. We have had two Rainsoft systems in other homes we lived in with reverse osmosis units under the sink in our kitchen for drinking water. We never put together the possibility of my wife’s osteopenia and my nightly leg cramps being caused by minerals being removed from our drinking water by the RO system. Now with the mineral pro unit my leg cramps are infrequent and we are hoping that my wife’s next bone scan will come back with better results. We love the peace of mind that the UV filtration unit brings knowing that any bacteria or viruses are killed before they make it into our home through our water. My wife loves the soft water which keeps the mineral stains off of the chrome fixtures in the shower and on the glass shower door. Our toilet no longer has the stains or buildup in the tank it once had either.

  • 5


    We LOVE our MineralPro Reverse Osmosis system. The water it produces is clean and delicious and much tastier and healthier than tap water or water from cheap, spigot-attached filters. We did some research before purchasing and found this system superior to other RO systems, since it not only re-mineralizes but also alkalizes the water. We have done some water testing with pH and TDS meters and found the MineralPro water to come out at around pH 7.5-7.8 and around 15-20ppm. Alkaline water is great for health, and the small amount of mineral solids makes the water much healthier than un-mineralized RO water at or near 0ppm. As a reference, our tap water is pH 7.0 and 170ppm, and water from a Pur filter was pH 6.7 and 210ppm!!Simply put, though, the MineralPro water tastes sooo much better. MineralPro RO water also had a direct health benefit for me. Prior to purchasing I was getting almost daily burning pains in my stomach, and since I had recently moved I strongly suspected the local municipal water supply. I must have been right because after starting on MineralPro water about 4 years ago, I’ve had zero such stomach aches! MineralPro has been in business a while now, and we feel confident we can always get replacement filters…something that is no guarantee when purchasing from unknown online companies. We’ve always had great relations with MineralPro and their staff, and we highly recommend them and their RO system!

  • 5


    Best tasting water I have had since the parents sold their old place with a natural well. My family drink a lot of water and for years used a Brita filter or when that was too slow just used tap water. Recently I was visiting my brother and he had your RO product installed. I was amazed, no waiting for the water to drip through, no jug to store, just great tasting water when ever you want it.

  • 5


    Great product, great people, great support and the best water I have ever had right in my kitchen. Happy Camper!

  • 5


    I was impressed the moment the box arrived. Nicely packaged and prompt on time shipping. Instructions were detailed and accurate and the quality of the parts was excellent. This thing is like a Swiss watch. I did have a spot of bother drilling through the stainless steel sink, but a call to MineralPro got that sorted out. It took me about 45 -60 minutes of work and all was installed and working. Now I am enjoying great tasting water that I trust! Its great, I drink way more water because it tastes like water, not chemicals. My cat and dog love it too! One of the best investments in my health I have made! Thank you MineralPRO!

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