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My wife and I purchased the Mineral Pro Reverse Osmosis System with additional alkalinizer unit , Whole House UV Filtration System and Water Softening System from Mineral Pro in October 2014. We live in North Central Florida and have a well and septic system. Our well draws from one of the best spring aquifers in the area but when you have occasional flooding you never know what contaminates might get in your well and then into your drinking water. We have had two Rainsoft systems in other homes we lived in with reverse osmosis units under the sink in our kitchen for drinking water. We never put together the possibility of my wife’s osteopenia and my nightly leg cramps being caused by minerals being removed from our drinking water by the RO system. Now with the mineral pro unit my leg cramps are infrequent and we are hoping that my wife’s next bone scan will come back with better results.

We love the peace of mind that the UV filtration unit brings knowing that any bacteria or viruses are killed before they make it into our home through our water. My wife loves the soft water which keeps the mineral stains off of the chrome fixtures in the shower and on the glass shower door. Our toilet no longer has the stains or buildup in the tank it once had either.

Steve & Genie Harris

My husband and I are thrilled with our MineralPro system. The water tastes fantastic and it is reassuring to know that all impurities have been removed via reverse osmosis, which I understand to be the most thorough means of removing impurities.

The customer service we have received at MineralPro has also been exceptional. Steve has always been on hand over the years to field our enquiries and he always responds within a day (often within hours) – no mean feat considering the time difference between Australia and Canada. Steve was extremely helpful when we imported our filtration system to Australia; he was very knowledgeable about the applicable rules and regulations and we found it relatively easy to collect our system from customs.

It was also very easy for an Australian plumber to install the Canadian system – the tap works slightly differently from Australian filters but this does not impact on installation at all. Once the initial installation is complete, it is very easy to change the filter cartridges yourself.

Steve also sends reminders when it is time to replace the cartridges. This is quite helpful given that I don’t always remember to write the installation date on the cartridges myself.

All in all I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend a MineralPro filter to any of my friends or family.

Madeleine D

Hello again.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you were able to spend talking to me and answering questions this past week even when you weren’t feeling 100%. I spent a lot of time on the phone that day talking to companies all across the country and in the end, my decision was based on the reception I received, the time taken to respond to me, the knowledge about the products and the product itself. It was very surprising to me how many companies are in the “water” business and they don’t bother to keep up with the research and options to consumers. They also “talk down” to their customers sometimes and I resented that when I have obviously spent much more time researching the subject than they have!!!

So thanks again and we are looking forward to receiving our system and attempting to install it! You may yet hear from us again.

Karen G.

Staff Scheduling Supervisor

RQHR Rural Home Care

Karen G.

Dear Troy and Michelle, I want to thank you for introducing me to Mineral Pro.
I also want to let you know that since I had your system installed, the nightly leg cramps that had plagued me for some time have completely disappeared.
I find the water to be very pleasant and all the odors that are normally present have gone.

Ray Murphy

I am writing to express how very much my husband and I are enjoying our MineralPro water filtration system, which we purchased a year ago. We are thrilled to have fresh-tasting, clear water at a turn of the faucet. Knowing that the MineralPro system filters out so many unwanted substances from the water, and adds beneficial minerals back in, gives us much-appreciated peace of mind. We find that MineralPro water quenches our thirst much more effectively than straight tap water ever did. We also use the water to cook vegetables and prepare soups, sauces and juice, and we find that everything tastes so much better now. We even fill our pets’ drinking bowls with MineralPro water, and we use it for our plants and flowers, too! With MineralPro, we get superior quality and consistently refreshing water, not to mention that we’re saving money by not buying bottled water. We would never consider drinking regular tap water or purchasing bottled water again. Congratulations on developing such a fantastic product.

Angela C

I grew up on a farm in the interior of B.C, Canada. We had fresh water right from a natural spring water run off, and I always thought that was what all the water in the world tasted like. My mother called it “mountain juice”, and we drank it up eagerly, but not knowing how lucky we were to have the fresh, clean and uncontaminated water that we had.

It was not until I started traveling away from our little farm that I noticed the difference, and I started to educate myself about the quality of water around the world. I often wondered about the strong chlorine taste of the water in nearly every city I visited. I was astonished to learn that drinking unfiltered tap water can be hazardous and unhealthy because of chemicals, microbiological bacteria and viruses, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic metals and other contaminants.

Chlorine is one of the obvious added contaminants in most tap water. Most people are not aware that chlorine in water combines with natural organic matter creating cancer-causing Trihalomethanes (THM’s). It is associated with triggering tumor development both in heart disease and cancer. Research has shown the basic cause of heart disease, heart attacks and most common forms of strokes is from the chlorine contained in drinking water.

CBC Research found that 24 of the 28 water samples taken from major metropolitan area water supplies contained evidence of drug contamination. “Birth control pills, cancer drugs and a host of other pharmaceuticals are making their way into the water supply because the human body doesn’t always absorb all the medication it ingests, and some are flushed down the drain” says Gord Miller, Ontario’s environmental commissioner.

In addition to chlorine and drugs in our drinking water, iron, fluoride, and harmful bacteria are also present in the majority of North American tap water.

Water consumption is so important to our health, that it vital that we have access to clean, and healthy drinking water. Healthy water, is water the way nature intended before we contaminated it, stripped it of its natural minerals, and reduced the pH to unhealthy acidic levels. Ordinary tap water must be first cleaned of harmful contaminates including chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), chemicals, and bacteria. It must then be replenished with minerals to ensure that naturally occurring minerals are present. To ensure optimum health, the water should then be Alkaline PH balanced, and be certain that the water has a fresh spring water taste.

This can be achieved with Mineral Alkaline Drinking Water Filter Systems.

The first time I tried water cleaned by on of these water filter systems, I assumed that I was drinking natural spring water. I was surprised to find out how the Mineral Pro water filter systemswork, and how beneficial they are to our health. After a month of drinking the filtered mineral alkaline water, I noticed the health of my whole family increase. My skin was healthy and clear, and we all had so much more energy than before. I am relieved to know that even though I don’t live in an area with my own spring water run off, I can still get the same great quality water wherever I chose to live with the help of Mineralpro water filter systems.

Kaz. H

Although I had a very healthy diet, after menopause I developed digestive problems. It didn’t seem to matter what I ate or what I removed from my diet I suffered from painful bloating and gas in my stomach after eating…almost every meal! After one and a half years of trying many remedies I decided to try alkaline water. I knew the body needed to be alkaline balanced to be healthy. From our first jug of mineralpro’s alkaline water we bought at De Vine Water in Vernon BC, I no longer suffered from digestive problems (We’ve been drinking alkaline water over four months now)! Do I want to go back to the RO water I was drinking to test if it was the water? No thanks. Once again I enjoy eating and thoroughly enjoy the taste of our alkaline water. (I can tell the superior taste of our MineralPRO™ alkaline water vs RO water blind-folded.) Thank you MineralPRO for healthy water (and body)!

Teresa Proudlove

Just wanted to let you know how much we’ve appreciated our MineralPRO water filtration system. We bought it initially for use in our RV trailer. Carrying a large bottle of water everywhere, having to set it up at each stop, and then having to stow it away to travel was quite a nuisance but necessary because we could not always be sure of local drinking water where we camped. Since we’ve installed the MineralPRO system in our RV trailer, we always have great drinking water wherever we travel.

Our second MineralPRO system will be installed in our new house we are in the process of building. To get ideas and to research building materials for our new house we visited home shows across western Canada and tried many water samples from various water filter systems. The MineralPRO water simply tasted better than any other sample we tested, and the MineralPRO system makes sense in terms of producing naturally healthy water.

Thank-you MineralPRO for the great products and outstanding service!

R. Beattie

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for selling me the MineralPRO RO water filter system. I live in the country and am therefore on a well and my water is now so much better tasting than any other water that I’ve had; so much so that I no longer enjoy the taste of bottled, tap, or any other filtered water.

I now bring my own water to work as I have confidence that my MineralPRO water is healthy and safe. Can I say the same about the bottled water at work? The money I invested in the system is well worth it, for I’m investing in my health and I no longer have to spend the time and effort in getting bottled water home and into a cooler.

Thank you once again for your excellent product and your excellent service.

L. Bourque

We used to have bottled water delivered to our door. After tasting a sample of water from the Mineral Pro system, I was sold. What a difference in taste.

The bonus is no more heavy bottles to lift up and install in the water dispensing machine. Now, we just have to turn on the tap… and our daily water intake has increased. It is a excellent system, easy to install and change filters… service has been excellent. I believe that anyone, who has a taste of water from this product will agree with me. Thank you!!!

B. Tien

At first, I was skeptical about a water filtration system that offered so much, but after we had it installed, I don’t know how I ever drank city water. It eliminates any fears of poor tasting water or wondering what is really in it. Our MineralPRO dealer installed the system efficiently and explained clearly how it worked. Excellent service from an excellent company!

A. Theoret

I bought 2 Mineral pro RO systems in 2013 for myself and a friend. Those large bottles of water for the dispencer were getting heavy. You know how that age thing creeps UP!!! I am in my early 70’s.
I installed them both with the easy to follow directions. We used them until mine was making a different noise when filling , so I immediately called Steve Leggett to ask a few questions and as usual he is so well informed and always willing to explain what would fix that problem or offer suggestions. In Oct. 2016 when I called for filter replacements, Steve advised me of a new and improved free upgrade filter parts that would improve the taste of water and the filters would be less costly.
With Steve’s advice, I ordered the 2 new updates. I installed the new parts ,, following the clear instructions in less than 30 minutes with not a problem. I am totally pleased with the clean, fresh , taste of my drinking water.
I would recommend this system to anyone and it can be installed by a person that is handy in maintaining their home.
Thank you Steve .
Have a great day
Eleanor Meek

Eleanor Meek

We have been thrilled with our Mineral Pro system for the last 7 years and were very appreciative of the free upgrade they provided. It was very easy to install and we really like the higher PH, more alkaline water with more healthy minerals. They always offer top customer service and we LOVE our clean, fresh water!

Julie Davidson – Alberta

MineralPro is an excellent drinking water filtration system. I was researching alkaline water with minerals and this is the best one! The water tastes so refreshing, tea and coffee are richer in flavor and much deeper in color, and cooked vegetables and brown rice retain their flavors. Our skin feels softer and is clearer. We find we enjoy drinking and cooking with the water, and since it is alkaline, we drink when we are thirsty and feel satisfied. We find we want to bring our MineralPro water with us when we leave for the day. We love it! Steve was very helpful and answered all of my questions – honestly and promptly. Thank you.

Rick and Kerri - Minnesota

Mineral Pro Water tastes so delicious.
Our two teenagers insist that we bring our “Mineral Pro” water along when we go to grandpa and grandma’s house or on vacation.
We don’t want to be without the pure, refreshing water.
We drink so much more water now that we bought a Mineral Pro.
Best drinking water ever (and I am super fussy!).

K.K. from MN

We absolutely LOVE the filter. PH went up 3 pts., and our water tastes wonderful. Feel healthier – we drink a lot of h2o. Thanks for creating this wonderful filter.

We did a lot of research in determining which filter to add to our RO system. Most that we found were fairly cheap – around $40. Feedback showed that the canisters crack, get plugged, don’t raise the PH, etc.. Couldn’t find out what the filters contained – who knows what chemicals from China. Just didn’t sound like a healthy choice.

I contacted Mineral Pro and they told me where their filter elements were sourced ( NOT China). Coconuts shells are part of their filter process. It all felt good.

The water company who installed the Mineral Pro filter was amazed. He has installed the cheaper filters to systems in the past but was impressed with the quality of the Mineral Pro system. Well made, well designed, well-constructed.

It’s been over 3 months and the filter continues to provide us with healthier h2o. Will definitely purchase again.

Deborah Bliss

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our UF System and Inline UF system you sold us in 2018. The water tastes great, all of our crew and clients have commented in how fresh and healthy it tastes! Is great knowing that with the add-on inline UV system we know the water is safe to drink and does not have any bacteria or viruses in it. Sure is better to produce fresh onboard rather than having to load cases of bottled water!
Thanks again

Grant Church Engineer M/Y Mousetrap

I am sure there are details and analysis that would make all of this clear to a scientist, but for 30 years I have carted bottled water for drinking and cooking. Boat “potable” water may not kill you, but it sure doesn’t taste very good. Since installing MIneralPro filters along with a UV filter and re-minerlaization…everyone that comes aboard loves our water. From time to time we have to leave the boat for 8-12 weeks and I really love knowing when I come back I don’t have to worry about bacteria or anything affecting our heath or the taste of our drinks and food:)

Thank you for your help and a great product

Scott Evangelista M/Y Sarah-Sarah

“I was really impressed with my experience with Mineral Pro, in particular working with Steve. Steve personally offered his time and plumbing expertise to help me install the new filtration system. He was also very responsive, not to mention, he had a great sense of humor and was great to talk to. The water in our office now tastes so good and our entire team is so pleased.”

Shawn H / Feb 2021

Hi Steve,
We are so happy with our Mineralpro water system. It has completely changed
our lives for the better in every way .The water taste amazing and we feel
that we are drinking a much more high quality water than the bottled water I
was buying at the market for years. We not only use it for our drinking
water, but also our coffee , tea and to clean our vegetables as well as to
cook with. Thank you again so much for an outstanding product!!!

Rocco and Cheryl


My husband and I want to thank you for creating these great filters. We have
an RO water system which turned our drinking water acidic. We were not
feeling well, and discovered that acidic water can cause ill health. We
investigated many alkaline boosting filters for our RO, and found yours. We
were thrilled to learn that you source NOTHING from China for use in your

I suffered heart and kidney failure years ago, and have to have monthly
blood tests to track my health. Prior to using your filters my blood ph was
acidic. After using your filters my blood became much less acidic, and my
health improved significantly.

Thank you for your wonderful filters,

Deborah B