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An Introduction to the MineralPro Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis Filters – A sure path to great drinking water! The principals of reverse osmosis have been known and understood for hundreds of years, yet many of us are unaware what they are and how filters based on this technology work. Recent advances in materials ensure that RO filters can cost effectively be used even […]

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Healthy Drinking Water

4 Properties To Get Healthy Water Healthy drinking water has four properties that set it apart from regular tap water and most bottled waters. To be considered healthy drinking water it must be: Cleaned of Harmful Contaminants  Including chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, metals (mercury, bromide, lead, arsenic), chemicals, bacteria and more. Replenished with Natural Minerals […]

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Washing and Cooking Organic Fruit and Veggies in Tap Water

Organic Veggies but what about the water Do you spend the extra money to buy healthy organic fruit and vegetables for your family’s health and  normally wash these in tap water? If so you are cheating yourself of the full benefit of buying expensive healthy vegetables. Washing and Cooking in Healthy Water I find it very surprising […]

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