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Slim Line Filter Kit


MineralPRO’s Slim Line Filter Kit’s slim design makes them the perfect choice for low-flow drinking water filtration applications. MineralPRO’s Slimline Sediment Filter Kit can be added to any drinking water filter system to provide extra filtration of sediment, dirt, sand, etc.

Slim Line Filter Kit

Product Description

Filter kit comes complete with a 5 micron pleated polyester sediment filter cartridge that is washable and bacteria resistant, and Slim Line filter housing with John Guest push-in fittings, plus housing wrench for easy removal for changing cartridge.


MineralPRO Drinking Water Filter Systems – Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration

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Easy to Install
John Guest ¼” Press-fit connections
Integrated mounting bracket and pressure relief valve
Slim design ideal for tight spaces
Washable, pleated, 1 Micron Filter
Greater dirt holding capacity
Resists Bacteria

In the Box:
Slimline Filter Housing
1 Micron Sediment Filter /Bracket/Wrench

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