Ice Fridge Kit

Ice Fridge Kit


The MineralPRO Ice fridge kit  allows the MineralPRO drinking water systems (RO and UF) to supply healthy mineral alkaline water to refrigerators and ice makers.

Product Description

This premium grade Ice Fridge Kit features a 3/8″ tube that supplies the refrigerator—this delivers more water flow with less pressure drop than a standard 1/4″ tube.

Kit includes all the fittings and tubing required to connect most regrigerators to either of MineralPRO’s drinking water systems.

20 feet – High flow 3/8″ tube
Ball Valve
Reducing Adaptor
Refrigerator Adaptor Connector


Maximum tube distance: 20 feet
Tube size: 3/8″
Connections: John Guest “Push Fit” fittings


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