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Mineral Pro manufacturers a water system ideally suited to yachts and all sailing vessels!


Nobody likes drinking water produced by a desalination system, most vessels bring many jugs of water on board for drinking and cooking. While desalinated seawater is the best option for producing usable water for vessels it is not the best water for drinking and cooking due to the poor taste and lack of health benefits.

Mineral Pro’s UF system removes all the bad taste and odors which occur from water sitting in tanks onboard, adds the beneficial minerals into the water and puts a final polish on the water with carbon derived from coconut husks, the purest form of carbon, resulting in the best tasting, healthy, mineral alkaline water. It is the natural minerals that make our water great tasting and ensures healthy alkaline water.

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Mineral Pro has systems installed all over the world in many yachts and vessels you can read about some of them on our testimonials page.