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Most of our customers tell us they love the taste of our “Mineral Pro” water.  Many say they fill containers and take our water with them everywhere they go, and some have even said they cannot wait to get home from a trip just to have a glass of great tasting water. Customers also advise us that they drink way more water and their kids drink less pop and juice and more water too. When water tastes great people tend to drink more, an obviously good thing!


How Do You Get Great Tasting Water?


For those of us not lucky enough to have a natural spring in our backyard, we need to look at how we can get great tasting and safe drinking water. First, you need to purify the water by filtering with a combination of filters to allow the removal of all unwanted contaminants. The first filter needed is a sediment filter.  This is required for removing the sediment, rust, and general debris from the water. The second filter required is a carbon block filter, which removes the Chlorine, Organic Material, Lead and other contaminants. Third in line is the RO Membrane.  This is the heart of the system.  This membrane only allows particles smaller that .0001 micron in size to get past it, so this reduces most contaminants drastically.

How does and #RO system work

The final approach to great water is the re-mineralising process.  Why is this so important?  Water that has gone through the filtering and RO membrane, while extremely clean, does not have any minerals in it as these minerals are removed in the RO process.  As a result, the water is very acidic, usually between 5 to 6 PH, tastes very flat,  and is basically dead, unhealthy water.  When water tastes dead most people don’t enjoy drinking it so typically drink less. Mineral Pro adds the natural minerals back into the water after filtering and it is these minerals that not only make the water “alive”, but create water that is very healthy, and as importantly,  great tasting!


This addition of minerals back into the water just prior to itcominge out the faucet creates Mineral Alkaline water with a PH of approximately 8.5.  Minerals in a granular state are placed in the last stage of the filtering system so when water flows through this cartridge the minerals are “Absorbed” into the water.  Just like rainwater flowing down a mountain stream, it absorbs these minerals and creates Mineral Alkaline “Spring Water”.  It is truly the minerals that give the water the great taste.  Some companies only use Calcite to make the water “Alkaline” but Mineral Pro uses a combination of 6 natural minerals in this last stage to ensure a balance of the healthiest minerals in the water.

Alkaline water needs to have minerals in it to be healthy and great tasting.


The MineralPro Water Polisher -The Final Process:


The last stage also has a section of carbon in it made from coconut husks, the purest form of carbon.  This carbon puts a final polish on the water, ensuring a clean, fresh taste every time!  The Mineral Pro system stores the water in the pressure tank in the pure form after the RO Membrane has removed all the contaminants. When the RO faucet is opened, this pure water comes out of the pressure tank and back through the system passing through the last stage, the mineral/carbon stage.  By designing it this way we can guarantee the water will always taste fresh, not stale from sitting in the tank!