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Mineral Alkaline Water

The Best Tasting and Healthiest Water There is much debate over what is the best water for drinking and cooking. Many say tap water is good enough – looks clean and the price is right. Others say bottled water is best, some prefer distilled water, some like mineral alkaline water, what can you believe? The reality is […]

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An Introduction to the MineralPro Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis Filters – A sure path to great drinking water! The principals of reverse osmosis have been known and understood for hundreds of years, yet many of us are unaware what they are and how filters based on this technology work. Recent advances in materials ensure that RO filters can cost effectively be used even […]

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What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Drinking Water Contains More Than H2O A customer sent us this photo of his house pre-filter a while ago, obviously very concerned to know what the horrible white scum was showing up in his filter. He lives on the west coast of BC and sent the photo in October, prime time for salmon spawning …  […]

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Clean Water

Taking Clean Water for Granted In western society we all take “Clean Water” for granted and have the expectation that it is our right to have clean water piped to our homes.  Most of us never give much thought about this precious necessity of life!

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Selecting The Right Whole House Water Filtration System

Do You Need This System? There is a lot of confusion in the selection of Whole House Water Filtration Systems for those in rural locations and thus having a water supply from a well, lake, pond or stream which is untreated and non-chlorinated. We get inquiries every week from people having issues with non-treated water. The […]

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Lead in Your Drinking Water

Dangers of Lead in Water Lead a metal found in natural deposits is rarely found in source water, but enters tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead service pipes, copper water pipes with lead solder, brass fixtures that contain lead and fixtures which can leach […]

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