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Bottle-less Cooler Kit


The MineralPRO Bottle-Less Cooler Kit allows the MineralPRO Drinking Water Systems (RO and UF) to supply healthy mineral alkaline water to MineralPRO’s Bottle-Less Coolers.

Bottle-less Cooler Kit

Product Description

This premium grade Bottle-Less Cooler Kit features a 3/8″ tube that supplies the cooler – this delivers more water with less pressure drop than a standard 1/4″ tube.

Kit includes all the fittings and tubing required to connect any of MineralPRO’s Bottle-Less Coolers to either of MineralPRO’s RO or UF Drinking Water Systems.


Kit Includes
20 feet of high-flow tubing
Ball valve

Maxiumum tube distance: 20 feet
Tube size: 3/8”
Connections: John Guest “Push Fit” Fittings

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