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Yacht Mineral Water System


Mineral Pro’s “new” Yacht Mineral Water System” gives yacht owners exactly what they have been looking/asking for. Most do not enjoy packing cases of water on board for drinking/cooking!

Mineral Pro has a system for making desalinated water into great tasting Mineral Alkaline Water.

Our system starts with a UF (Ultra-Filtration) system which removes foul taste and odor from water sitting in a storage tank, re-mineralises the water resulting in great tasting, healthy Mineral Alkaline water. Yacht systems also come with an inline UV (Ultra-Violet) light which effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, E.coli, etc. Water sitting in a tank in a warm, humid environment can develop foul tastes, odors and bacteria can start to grow inside.

Our MineralPro system corrects these issues.

Yacht Mineral Water System

Product Description

Mineral Pro has developed a water system for Yachts, Sailboats, Freighters, and all marine vessels. Yachts typically have an on-board desalination system which converts salt water to potable water.

While these systems do a great job of removing the salt from the water the result is non mineralised water which is very poor tasting and unhealthy.

Mineral Pro’s Yacht system changes this from “Dead Tasting” water to “Healthy Mineral Alkaline Great Tasting Water” . System also comes with an “Inline UV ( Ultra Violet Light) which eliminates the risk of bacteria, viruses, ecoli and other contaminants in your drinking water. We ship these units all over the globe with Fedex. Please supply your shipping destination so we can provide a shipping quote for you.


Width – 12”
Length – 14”
Height – 8’
Weight – 12 lbs

Filter Stages:
1) Pre-Carbon -Reduces organic materials, foul odors, improves taste, lead
2) UF Membrane- Reduces contaminants down to .2 microns, chemicals and more
3) Mineral/Carbon – Mineral/Alkaline balancing, naturally balances the purified water with healthy, minerals creating great tasting, healthy, mineral/alkaline water. Last stage has carbon made from Coconut Husks which provide a “final polish”and gives the water a fresh, clean taste!

Features :

Quick Change Filter replacements. ( Do not need to turn water off to change, each stage has built in shut-offs)
Install kit and Chrome or Brushed Nickel Faucet

In The Box ;

1 – 4 Stage UF Filter System
1 – Inline UV system with Ballast, mounting clips and transformer in 110 volts ( other options available)

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    Capt. Sid

    Great!!! Best water ever!! We also went to a soda sense system to make our own soda and juice to cut down on all the stuff you have to buy or try and bring!! Your water system makes everything so good!! Especially the wives when they have sparkling water right out tap into soda sense to carbonate and they are all set!!

  • 5

    Scott Evangelista

    Steve, I am sure there are details and analysis that would make all of this clear to a scientist, but for 30 years I have carted bottled water for drinking and cooking. Boat “potable" water may not kill you, but it sure doesn’t taste very good. Since installing MIneralPro filters along with a UV filter and re-minerlaization…everyone that comes aboard loves our water. From time to time we have to leave the boat for 8-12 weeks and I really love knowing when I come back I don’t have to worry about bacteria or anything affecting our heath or the taste of our drinks and food:) Thank you for your help and a great product. Scott Evangelista M/Y Sarah-Sarah

  • 5

    Grant Church

    Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our UF System and Inline UF system you sold us in 2018. The water tastes great, all of our crew and clients have commented in how fresh and healthy it tastes! Is great knowing that with the add on inline UV system we know the water is safe to drink and does not have any bacteria or viruses in it. Sure is better to produce fresh onboard rather than having to load cases of bottled water! Thanks again. Grant Church Engineer M/Y Mousetrap

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