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Microbiological and Chemical Contamination

water-contaminents-microbial-chemicalIn addition to microbiological contamination, the modern world is faced with the problem of contamination from chemicals in drinking water. Naturally occurring chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride in ground water have been identified as a problem in drinking water. Contamination of water bodies by industrial waste water and agricultural run-off is one of the major issues threatening public health.

It is essential that water be free of bacteria, viruses, and cysts; Pathogens in drinking water present immediate health risks and can be fatal. Every year thousands of cities across Canada and the United States are on boil water advisories due to the presence of pathogens in the public water systems.


  • Environment Canada notes that most of the 100,000 known industrial chemicals are discharged into our waterways
  • Chemical contaminants are carcinogenic - health officials have estimated that chemical contamination accounts for 55 to 60 percent of all cancer cases annually.
  • Chemical health issues include many varieties of cancer, brain diseases, liver and kidney problems, heart disease and more
  • Many chemicals come from farming, landfills, leaking storage tanks, septic systems, accidental spills and industrial dumping
  • Chemical contaminations have been found in unusually large quantities in waterways downstream from manufacturing plants.
  • Common chemical contaminants in water include Chlorine, Fluoride, PCB's. Pesticides, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, and Dioxins
  • Most public water system in Canada and the United States inject chlorine into the water to disinfect and reduce bacteria levels
  • Some public water systems in Canada and the United States inject Fluoride into the water to disinfect and reduce bacteria levels



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