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Water Quality Contaminants


Majority of communities throughout Canada, the United States, and the world have water that is neither safe nor healthy for drinking.

Drinking unfiltered tap water can be hazardous and unhealthy because of contaminants from chemicals, microbiological bacteria and viruses, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic metals and others.

As a result of the extent of contamination in drinking water, the World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined that a preventative management approach be taken to ensure water is safe to drink and not wait for public authorities to finally address the issue of widespread contamination.


Microbiological and Chemical Contamination

water-contaminents-microbial-chemicalIn addition to microbiological contamination, the modern world is faced with the problem of contamination from chemicals in drinking water. Naturally occurring chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride in ground water have been identified as a problem in drinking water. Contamination of water bodies by industrial waste water and agricultural run-off is one of the major issues threatening public health.

It is essential that water be free of bacteria, viruses, and cysts; Pathogens in drinking water present immediate health risks and can be fatal. Every year thousands of cities across Canada and the United States are on boil water advisories due to the presence of pathogens in the public water systems.


Chlorine and Pharmaceutical Drugs

water-contaminents-chlorineChlorine in water combines with natural organic matter creating cancer-causing Trihalomethanes (THM's).

Recent water analysis's conducted in cities around the world have demonstrated that pharmaceutical drugs are present in municipal water supplies. According to CTV News, "Canadians' tap water may contain traces of prescription drugs".

Birth control pills, cancer drugs and a host of other pharmaceuticals are making their way into the water supply because the human body doesn't always absorb all the medication it ingests, and some are flushed down the drain, says Gord Miller, Ontario's environmental commissioner.




My husband and I are thrilled with our MineralPro system. The water tastes fantastic and it is reassuring to know that all impurities have been removed via reverse osmosis, which I understand to be the most thorough means of removing impurities.

The customer service we have received at MineralPro has also been exceptional. Steve has always been on hand over the years to field our enquiries and he always responds within a day (often within hours) - no mean feat considering the time difference between Australia and Canada. Steve was extremely helpful when we imported our filtration system to Australia; he was very knowledgeable about the applicable rules and regulations and we found it relatively easy to collect our system from customs.

It was also very easy for an Australian plumber to install the Canadian system - the tap works slightly differently from Australian filters but this does not impact on installation at all. Once the initial installation is complete, it is very easy to change the filter cartridges yourself.

Steve also sends reminders when it is time to replace the cartridges. This is quite helpful given that I don't always remember to write the installation date on the cartridges myself.

All in all I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend a MineralPro filter to any of my friends or family.

Madeleine D.

Melbourne, Australia

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